When I finally get myself together, maybe I'll manage to manage this blog better. Maybe...
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I can't wait for the weather to be nice everyday.
I'm getting sick of it being t-shirt weather one day, parka weather the next.
This seasonal depression shit has really gotten me down...I can feel it leaving my system now though...Thank fucking god. Champagne and pretty underware, I've started treating myself better again too, which is nice. Think I'm gonna go get a pedicure tomorrow, maybe a massage too. I've been so stressed lately, I think I deserve it. Pushing for the up and up, we'll see how that goes...I lost half of my wardrobe during me move to New York, looking forward to doing some real good vintage shopping in Chicago next week. Getting ready for sunshine all the time!

been listening to these fucks quite a bit lately... musical GENIUS!
anyone who knows good music will tell ya.


been moving around like crazy
my thoughts, hazy
my mind, lazy
tiered of being tiered
sick of being sick
when am i gonna stop feeling so ick?!
my baby's taking me to chicago for a bit,
hoping that and time will maybe do the trick