i think i want this tattooed on my body forever.
a giant fuck you to everyone i knew.



cigarettes and shoes are all that have been on my mind these days!  Jeffrey Campbell doing a great job of once again making me wish I weren't six-foot-two.
reading a lot, cooking a lot, and taking pictures a lot.. doing all the things I love to do...
decided I'm just gon stay inside until the weather is nice, only out to play if the sun is too!


getting back into photography, which is good because I sure as hell need a hobby.



I need to get out of this weather. In Toronto, and it's fucking cold. Snowed the day I got here which was pretty awesome...wet snow...i just love wet snow...in april, mid april. Thinking of going to Bali and never coming back!


looking for boots like these, asap, please!
or heels like these...
and I still want a pair of suede creepers!
....can I just have 1990 back, pretty please?
can't believe i'm still lusting over studs
but...how can i resist?!


for my boy;
what will be
will be
as long its you and me
for you baby boy i'd cross the seven seas
just too see your precious face smiling at me
the happiest I know I will ever be
is sitting here with you infinitely
what will be
will be
you and me
forever and always
what will be
will be


burberry prorsum studded leather biker jacket
bad girls, and bad girls only.