for the time i was packing listening to nick gave singing leonard cohen songs
and blogger wouldnt let me post a vid


new finger gems are in my horizon
i'm dying for rocks on my fingers these days
precious stones
 that look like they could be used to cast spells!


i guess i'm pretty okay with that.


in the process of clearing out my toronto apartment and selling (almost) all of my clothes, bags, shoes and everything else! just can't afford to bring everything back to nyc with me...plussss i plan on selling extra to refresh my wardrobe once i get back to new york...good idea? GREAT IDEA!
should have done this a very long time ago... have a few ladies who run some of my fav vintage shops in the city coming over to few my things...hopefully i make good money for these gems...i'm sure i will... i have some great pieces...
hmmm... maybe i should sell some stuff on here?...
fuck that, i'm waaaay to un organized for that shit. 

while i get my crooked life half way straight, i'm enjoying listening to nick cave sing leonard cohen songs...

for some reason i cant post a video...oh well
Long time, eh?
So i'll give you a quick update and wish you a happy new years, and then we'll just leave it at that as far as the whole "adressing the hiatus" thing goes. Ran away to new york, met a boy i think is awesome and i have a job thats pretty cool. More details in the future i guess and i think i'm gonna be making this blog something a little more personal this new year. It'll be essentially the same, just with a little more commentary i guess. You might even get to hear me cry once or twice, depending on how lucky you are of course. Pretty much all this really means is more text and pictures i took myself.

These are my only shoes in new york...
Featuring  salt stains from the storm that made 
williamsburg look like the cold planet hoth.

And this is the only jewlery i have in new york.
Not as tragic...i guess

I have no shortage off cigarettes though.
That's good.

Or blunts.
That's almost better.

but the shoe thing is going to be an issue.....
maybe running away to new york wasnt the best idea.....
oh wait, yes it was! 
planning a trip back this week to collect the rest of my things.