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name change

hello beautifuls
by now i'm sure you know my lovely little blog has a new name.
You might also know of another lovely little blog run by ever so sweet Raez. 
Now, you might be wondering how Raez's blog relates to my blog changing its name.
 Well you see my fine audience, these two blogs had been running under the same name of Cheap Thrills, the only difference being an "S" removed. And since Raez had been operating her blog for quite sometime longer than i, you see how this might lead one to have some harsh feelings. 
So by request, i have decided that it is only right for me to re-name my blog.
In the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal, all it took was a little bit of thinking.
Thinking which lead me to my new blog name 
Dirty phoenix
how do you like it?

p.s don't forget to check out Raez's awesome blog !


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  2. hi lovely!

    first off, thank you...I truly appreciate this:) i know it was kinda tough :(

    second, LOVE LOVE LOVE! dirty phoenix is a great name! it has a certain ring to it, very catchy;)

    and third, now that this is all behind us, how about we trade links as a peace offering? no hard feelings?