shiny like plastic

embarrassed as i am to say so, i read nylon and i love it
in fact, i even have a subscription... and guess what?
i got my april issue today and i fucking love it
i was really impressed by it actually, it was the tenth anniversary edition and it really made me remember what had initially caught my eye about nylon mag
even if every other page is just ad advertisement trying to sell me on a product, person or idea
nylon is just plain fun to read
plus, lindsay lohan is making a comeback and i can't wait
i don't care what anyone says i love that girl and at one point, 
she was nothing if not a very talented actress 


  1. omg, norway is like three issues behind. I probably won't get my hands on that issue before summer! i like the new name though!

  2. the new name is definitly special
    linked your "new" blog!

  3. Lindsay is great! I love her style!